A Surinam ‘horse shoe’ wine bottle

This nice, so called ‘horse shoe’ bottle, was produced in The Netherlands in the 18th century. It travelled on a VOC sailing ship from Amsterdam to Surinam, then a Dutch colony. Three centuries later the empty bottle was excavated from the bed of the Paramaribo river at the same place where it was originally dumped as waste. During this long stay on the bottom of the river, the blue glass surface has developed a very nice patina.

Private collection of Mr. H.S. from Ruurlo in the Netherlands. While resident of Surinam, he collected the bottles in the 1980 – 2005.

Height 23,7 cm., width 15 cm.

€ 375,-

Good, no cracks, nice irisation. Small chip on the top of the rim by careless opening of the bottle in the past.