Bronze figure of the goddess Neith

The Egyptian warrior goddess Neith is considered the mother of all the gods. She was a creator of the world and the mother of the sun god Ra, who finished the creation after his birth. As a creator, Neith was an early goddess in the Egyptian pantheon and the people worshipped her throughout Egypt. In later years, Neith was mainly recognized in the Western Nile Delta at her cult center of Sais. Neith was often portrayed wearing her Red Crown.

As one of the eldest goddesses, Neith emerged from the primeval waters to create the world. As time went on and myths evolved, Neith took on other characteristics and responsibilities. Although originally a hunter and warrior, and always considered a great protector of the Egyptian people, she was also a wise mediator between gods, as well as between humanity and the gods. In addition, Neith cared for the dead and helped to dress their souls in preparation for the afterlife. Neith had no known husband, so was designated a virgin mother goddess. Since the goddess is associated with water, Neith is also believed to be the mother of Sobek, the fierce crocodile god and ruler of the Nile.

The figure dates from the 22-30th dynasty, (945 – 332 BC). Bronze with patine of age, she is wearing her red crown, a necklace is visible on the chest.

Private Dutch collection

Height 20,2 cm. (excluding base)


Good, lower part of left arm is missing, a fracture is repaired above her left ankle.