A Keris Panjang

A Keris Panjang

A very nice keris panjang, an executioner’s keris, Sumatra, Indonesia. Approximately 19th century.
The Sumatran kris, called the panjang or execution kris or rapier kris, has a clearly deviating shape with its long slender shape, narrow sheath and small vessel. With most of these kris you will not find a pamor, except for exceptions such as this kris in the display case. Although the name ‘execution ris’ is reminiscent of an executioner’s weapon, the keris panjang is primarily a fighting weapon that was also used for executions. During the VOC period, many Western influences came to the archipelago. The straightforward kris is easy to use, and therefore a good size for effective killing. The shape has influences from the western sword.

Old Dutch private collection

Height 67,4 cm