A Yaka ‘Nkaka’ mask

A Yaka helmet mask, ‘Nkaka’. The face surrounded by an outstanding frame. The face painted in black, blue and red paint and crowned with the typical Yaka large upturned nose. The detailed teeth in the mouth are painted in white. A handle on the bottom completes this rare example of Yaka art. Wood with remains of paint. First quarter of the 20th century, DR Congo.

For similar objects: ‘African Faces, a hommage to the African mask’ Herman Bursens, Lannoo, 2009, nr 79 and page 326. ‘Collection Hubert Goldet’ Auction catalogue, 2001, page 272 and 273, object nr 313. ‘Art of the Yaka and Suku’ Arthur Bourgeois, 1984.

Ex private collection the Netherlands, gallery Mr. Joop Felius, 1960’s Private collection Mr. J. de Lange, Pijnacker, 2005, by descent of mrs. De Lange, 2019.

Height 25,7 cm.

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Good, nice patine of age